3 reasons for Tete Shop to be a useful “assistant” for grocery store owners, mini supermarkets,…

A successful manager cannot be without effective assistants to help them share and reduce the work load. For the owners of grocery stores, mini supermarkets, and hand-carried shops, Tete Shop will be an “assistant” to help shop owners operate more conveniently, especially at the present time near Tet.

With the current manual management model of grocery stores and retail stores, it is common to be overloaded with work and not work efficiently. Not to mention, not applying technology to your business can make you lose your competitive edge over your competitors. If you are still familiar with things like keeping books, pressing the cash register, you should really change. Apply advanced technology applications like Tete Shop so you can manage your sales more effectively. Forget about tasks such as daily calculations, remembering the prices of items …, with the companion of Tete Shop, your work has now become easier than ever.

Minimalist solution from the land of cherry blossoms

Tete Shop is a minimalist solution of Japanese experts from Netstars company. Tete Shop application promises to be a great companion for mini supermarkets, grocery stores, portable shops… With a simple design so that everyone can easily use it, Tete Shop has collected attracted more than 5000 users after only 1 month of deployment in Vietnam.

The ability to store data in the cloud, access it when there is no internet and automatically sync it after connecting to the network is a great solution to help store owners and their loved ones easier to manage and operate. . Sellers will not need to store a large amount of information both new and old in a thick and difficult to look up book in the event of an emergency.

Cuốn sổ tay thời 4.0 thông minh, hiệu quả

When using the Tete Shop application, you will see that this is a smart and effective sales method. Easily record debts, this will help shop owners avoid loss of goods, under-inventory, etc., thereby helping them not to lose revenue.

Tete Shop also uses a modern process by scanning barcodes on products, so sales will be faster and more convenient. Anyone in your family can manage, know the exact price and can completely replace you with ease. You also control your work anytime, anywhere thanks to viewing revenue reports, delivery history… right on the app. All you need is a phone with an internet connection and you can easily perform these operations.

Save money and time

Above all, the reason that shop owners should use Tete Shop is that it will save you an investment in purchasing equipment and sales software. You can use completely free, unlimited number of products and orders per day. This is truly a bargain that you should not miss. In addition, in the near future, Tete Shop will be equipped with many new features, helping shop owners to increase revenue.

Netstars’ support and consulting team is also available 24/7 to answer all customer questions.

With such convenience, speed and ease of use, the owners of grocery stores, shops, and mini supermarkets are still hesitating without downloading Tete Shop right away. Selling goods gently, sharing worries, this New Year, you can safely operate the shop when you have an “assistant” Tete Shop!

Netstars Vietnam was established by Netstars Global Financial Technology Group based in Japan. With the goal of bringing the latest technology solutions from the world market to Vietnam, Netstars offers many applications including Tete Shop – a completely free store management application. Tete Shop turns your phone into a handheld vending device, replacing a computer, a debit book. Use your phone’s built-in camera as a barcode scanner to help you sell with one hand in just 3 seconds. Refer to the download instructions at: https://paperpos.page.link/discover

For more details please contact:

Netstars Vietnam Co., Ltd

Address: 26th floor, Ngoc Khanh Plaza building, No. 1 Pham Huy Thong – Ngoc Khanh – Ba Dinh – Hanoi

Email: info@netstars.vn


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