Tete Shop is a free and minimalistic application for retail stores, restaurants, laundries, etc. with modern technology from Japan.

With more than 1,000 stores registered to use in the first month of launch, so far, Tete Shop has been used regularly by more than 8,000 stores. In the near future, Netstars Vietnam will integrate shipping and Top-up services with the aim of increasing revenue for stores.

Benifits of Tete Shop

  • No fees
  • No Internet connection needed
  • No need to use multiple devices
  • Easy to learn

Unique features

  • Sharing data with family: Through scanning QR codes, all data will be shared and synchronized on different devices and platforms. From there, Tete Shop will help family members share the sales work, increase revenue and also contribute to the bonding of feelings and responsibilities among members.
  • Design a separate sales feature for the service, retail, or you can use the quick sale feature to make payment for orders as quickly as possible
  • Manage merchandise, revenue and order history easily

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