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From the idea of ​​​​the most simple sales software based on available Japanese technology, Netstars Vietnam created Tete Shop to help millions of grocery stores, coffee shops, laundries, online shops,… access to 4.0 technology without any cost.


As a minimalist software that replaces all the traditional paper QR codes at the cashier, QRhub helps you save store space and passively increase revenue from integrating advertising services.


Understanding the difficulties of store owners when doing business in chain stores and agents, we created the sales software Tete POS. Not just a sales software, Tete POS integrates logistics, branch management, employees, shift revenue, membership and promotions. Tete POS is the most suitable all-in-one sales software today.


Starpay is a non-cash payment solution, integrating payment channels by QR code on a single application, allowing the store to accept payments from customers by any e-wallet or banking application which have been integrated in Starpay.

Infor EAM

Infor EAM – One of the top 3 leading enterprise asset management software in the world along with IBM and SAP  is the solution that Netstars Vietnam is providing and deploying for Japanese partners in the transition from the current management system to this professional system. With our deep understanding and experience in Infor EAM, we are always ready to cooperate to deploy the most effective and professional asset management software for Vietnamese partners.


In the current 4.0 era, IoT (Internet of Things) has become a trend because of the comprehensive benefits it brings. Netstars built the IoT Analytics Framework to serve the needs of different industries, reducing the human-computer interaction process, and replacing it with automation through the ability to transmit data over the Internet